What You Need to Know About the CNA Certification Test

In order to become a CNA, you have to take a certified nursing assistant program and then take the CNA certification test. The certification exam is not that complicated; however, it does require certain knowledge that can only be learned by taking a CNA course (or RN or LPN courses). Understanding what you need to know about the certification test will go a long way towards helping you to successfully pass the test and move into your new career.To get your certified nursing assistant license, you will have to take the CNA exam, which takes place in two parts, the written exam and the clinical exam.The written exam may take place on the last day of your course or it may be scheduled on a different date. What’s more, you cannot take the clinical exam until you have passed the written exam. The written exam covers everything that you have learned in class such as basic care giving and medical concepts. After the written exam, you will then move to the clinical portion of CNA certification.The clinical exam is more complicated as you are required to use the things that you have learned on an actual person. This practical exam usually only requires you to demonstrate your understanding of three to five concepts that you have learned in class.You will have to demonstrate things like proper hand washing techniques, how to position a patient, how to preserve a patients dignity when they are in a vulnerable state, changing bedpans and more. This part of the certification test will be monitored by a state approved medical examiner and will typically be scheduled at a different date from your written exam. The great thing is, once your practical exam is over you will learn whether you passed or failed on the spot.If you want to take a practice CNA certification exam, you have some options to do that online, however your final exam will have to take place in the real world. You can take your certified nursing assistant written exam at the school or facility where you took your courses. In order to take the clinical portion, your school or facility should set up the exam for you. If they do not, then you should call the Department of Health in your state to find scheduled exams and locations. The important thing is that you choose a school that is certified to provide the CNA courses and exam.You may be able to find some sites that offer the practice exam for free for your state, however if you cannot find one, you can usually purchase one for a nominal fee. If you want to start a career in this fast growing field, then you will have to take the CNA certification test and take all of the necessary steps to successfully pass both parts of your exam.

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